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What is your favorite colour?

What are your favorite colours?

Who is the president of the United States?
Barack ObamaBill ClintonDonald Trump

How many states are there in the United States?

What languages ​​do you know?

Which countries have you been to?

Which programming languages are ​​used to create websites?



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    <div class="two">
    <label>Your name</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">account_circle</i>
    [text* your-name]
    <label>Your surname</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">account_box</i>
    [text your-surname]
    <label>Your email</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">email</i>
    [email* your-email]
    <label>Your telephone</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">phone</i>
    [tel your-phone]
    <label>Your message</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">message</i>
    [textarea your-message]
    <div class="two">
    <small>What is your favorite colour?</small>
    [select menu-1 "Blue" "Red" "Yellow" "Green" "Pink" "White" "Black"]
    <small>What are your favorite colours?</small>
    [select menu-2 multiple "Blue" "Red" "Yellow" "Green" "Pink" "White" "Black"]
    <small>Who is the president of the United States?</small>
    [radio radio-1 class:three  "Barack Obama" "Bill Clinton" "Donald Trump"]
    <small>How many states are there in the United States?</small>
    [radio radio-2 class:three class:gap  "45" "48" "50"]
    <small>What languages do you know?</small>
    [checkbox checkbox-1 class:three "French" "German" "English" "Russian" "Chinese" "Spanish"]
    <small>Which countries have you been to?</small>
    [checkbox checkbox-2 class:three class:inside "France" "Germany" "England" "Russia" "China" "Spain"]
    <small>Which programming languages are used to create websites?</small>
    [checkbox checkbox-3 class:four class:slide "PHP" "JavaScript" "Java" "C++"]
    <label>Select time</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">access_time</i>
    [text timepicker-1 class:timepicker]
    <label>Select date</label>
    <i class="material-icons prefix">date_range</i>
    [date date-1 min:1997-01-14 max:2027-12-31]
    [range range-1 min:0 max:100]
    [file file-1]
    [multifile multifile-1]
    [quiz quiz-1 "What colour is the sky?|Blue"]
    <label> Check here if you accept these terms.</label>
    [acceptance acceptance-1]
    [submit "SUBMIT"]
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  • library_books It supports all available fields and adds some extra.
  • supervisor_accountIt is for everyone. You do not need any professional programming skills.
  • playlist_add_check You do not need special shortcodes, just the right structure.
  • collections It also supports Material Icons (more than 900 images) that you can use as prefixes.
  • brushYou can fully customize it according to your needs.
  • palette You can change the colours from the admin panel.
  • date_range You can manage the Data Picker and Time Picker options as well as the translations.
  • accessibility Works on any browser (also from Microsoft).
  • view_column It includes classes for dividing elements into columns.
  • check_boxThe radio buttons and checkboxes are available in several variants.
  • assignment The plugin has been tested on many templates.
  • schoolIn the panel options there are clear instructions on how to create forms. Already prepared forms can be easily copied with one click.
  • extensionIt is based on the perfect library: Materialize.
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